Top 10 cocktails you must try

Many people feel like consuming classic and author drinks, which represents a whole art; so in this article we offer you a top 10 cocktails that you must try, at least once in your life; which on the other hand are the most popular in the world.

The 10 best-selling cocktails in the world

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink, prepared based on the mixture of different liquors, with juices and other ingredients that give it a pleasant texture and a particular flavor.

They are tasted as an accompaniment to meals or alone; but in general it is a classic drink, which has become an art practiced by professionals such as bartenders and bartenders around the world.

Despite the fact that there is a wide variety of cocktails today; We have been advised through important cocktail bars, in order to create this top; Take note and try these drinks, which will surely be delicious:


A cocktail that was born at the end of the 16th century, after being prepared for the first time by the privateer Sir Francis Drake; under a version that has become a legend, based on the mixture of common brandy with sugar, mint and lemon.


Cocktail that you have surely heard of and that began to be known in the last century; Its origin is Cuban and it is prepared using a white rum as a base to which the juice of a lemon or lime is added.


This is a recipe whose antecedents date back to the year 1934; although something different, since it was made based on lemon, raspberry syrup and gin. While now its components have been changed to vodka, lime and cranberry.

Dry Martini

A classic that does not go out of style; which among other things is full of elegance and is made with gin and a splash of vermouth.

It is usually served in a cocktail glass and accompanied with an olive.

Daisy flower

This drink was born in a typical restaurant that was halfway between the town of Tijuana and Rosarito; as a special drink for his best client, named Ziegfeld Marjorie King; to whom the ingestion of liquors caused an allergy, but not tequila.

For this reason, a cocktail based on tequila, lemon juice and triple sec was devised that was ideal to be served in a glass on whose edge a layer of salt was placed.


International cocktail created at the Manhattan Club in New York City and offered as part of the drinks menu of its best restaurants.
This drink is prepared with rye whiskey plus red vermouth, Angostura and decorated with a maraschino cherry.

Whiskey sour

Originally from Iquique, a town in Chile; where it was created by the English butler Eliott Stubb.

It is prepared using bourbon, sugar, lemon juice and optionally, egg white can be included. These ingredients are shaken in a cocktail shaker and served directly in a glass or over ice; garnished with a nearby maraschino or orange slice.


It is a cocktail of Brazilian origin, prepared based on its alcohol identified as cachaça, which gives it a characteristic flavor; slightly bitter, but when mixed with lime juice and sugar; results in a truly exquisite drink.

Pina Colada

Classic cocktail that comes in handy at any event; within which white rum, coconut water and pineapple are masterfully combined.
long Island

A legendary cocktail in the United States; who has been present in series and movies; prepared using a mixture of tequila, gin, vodka, white rum and triple sec; adding a little cold tea or Coca Cola. Which one are you going to try?

How to manage a nightclub?

Discover How to manage a nightclub? spaces frequented by many people who meet with the aim of dancing, drinking, eating and socializing; both with friends and strangers; but that requires strict control to guarantee the safety of its attendees and more.

How to run a nightclub and make it profitable

To efficiently manage a nightclub and make it attractive, attractive and successful enough to be profitable; You must have additional skills to those required during the management of other types of businesses such as those indicated below:
enforce discipline

The first step for your management to be successful is to make sure that each member of your staff fully fulfills their assigned job functions.

Stimulates team spirit

In order for the entire workforce of your work team to be directed towards the same objective and for this you must make sure that they feel comfortable doing what they do; Collaborate with each other and have activities that encourage your work together.

Never compromise excellence

It is important that you know how to manage your nightclub while maintaining its excellence in terms of products and services, since this will allow you to attract new customers, retain regulars and guarantee the constant growth of this business.

When speaking of excellence, you must also consider the clothing of your staff, the safety of your facilities, the hygienic services, the environment, the music and more; all factors for which it is worth paying more.

Responsibilities must be fulfilled in all areas

You must make it clear what is expected of each employee, including your duties as a boss and that no one can neglect their obligations or be late for them, among other things.

The menu should be updated regularly

Although it is not necessary to stick to a specific brand of drinks or food; You need to have a select variety of products that are of interest to your customers.

No more unpleasant that they choose a certain drink from your bar and discover that it is no longer available; which translates into displeasure on the part of the client and deteriorates the service of your establishment.

Build relationships with your customers

Most customers are satisfied with a personalized service, being served by an employee with whom they are familiar and who also knows their tastes.This allows them to feel attracted to frequently visit the place and even recommend themselves to family and friends.

Use skilled workers

When using qualified employees for each of the activities of your nightclub, the administration of this business will be much more efficient; since they will know what is expected of them and how they should do things, to achieve both their personal success and that of their workplace.

Adopt international best practices

Find out through magazines or publications, about what are the current trends in nightclubs and choose those that serve to increase the interest of potential customers.

Enforces a fair tipping policy for employees

Many employees count not only on their salary to cover their expenses; They help themselves additionally with the tips they receive in exchange for their good service.

This is something that will also stimulate your staff and will encourage them to be increasingly cordial and communicative with customers; no matter if it is a waiter, cleaner, security guard, bartender and more.

Finally, another important advice that you can adopt to manage a nightclub is to abide by the open door policy; that is, maintain a positive attitude towards the suggestions and recommendations of your work team and clients.

This does not mean that you can take advantage of the ideas that come to you as suggestions to manage your business in a more effective and profitable way.

The best discos and nightclubs

You want to discover which are the best discos and nightclubs in the world; take a few moments to get to know it as you read this article and be dazzled by its attractive potential to provide entertainment during a night out or weekend getaway.

The best discos and nightclubs

Discos and clubs represent an incentive for tourism in different countries of the world, generate millions of jobs, revitalize and give dynamism to the economy of cities and, in general, provide a place created with the aim of having a good time.

These spaces conditioned with striking decorations, flashing lights and practically no specific architectural features; They are usually designed to promote attractive and eye-catching experiences in the eyes of their users.

In this sense, the location of each environment plays an important role, such as its dance floor, bar, DJ table, access to services, places where customers are located, accessories, light, sound effects and more.

For a disco or nightclub to be part of the list of the best; It must have many features that stand out from many others available in the world; such as the ones indicated below:

• Hï Ibiza, a Spanish nightclub and one of the clubs that are visited by the largest number of people during the summer; in which musical entertainment is presented by famous DJs such as David Guetta, Eric Prydz or Camelphat. It has an amazing sound and lighting system and its capacity is up to 5,000 customers at a time.
• Omnia Las Vegas, a nightclub whose decoration draws the attention of all attendees; his sky descends and ascends; while the DJ booth stands out as the main element. Countless high-level artists such as Tiësto, Alesso or Martin Garrix have performed there.
• Green Valley, a Brazilian nightclub in Camboriú County; whose capacity is 12,000 people and its outdoor stage. It has impressive visual effects and lighting that you have accompanied the performance of its resident DJ Alok, Hardwell and Steve Aoki, among a few others.
• AHM Beirut, a discotheque in Lebanon with a capacity for almost 2,000 people, inside a closed space where a formidable atmosphere created by means of a game of lights and mirrors is presented. It is one of the most frequented clubs during the summer and where DJs like Nina Kraviz or Boris Brejcha perform.
• EPIC Club, one of the best clubs in Europe, present in the Czech Republic; with a special dance floor, surrounded by a cube-shaped screen and a stage in the center. Here it is possible to enjoy the performance of famous DJs such as Oliver Heldens, Quintino or Paul Van Dyk, among others.
• Printworks, a nightclub in the United Kingdom whose room is shaped like a narrow corridor, becoming an avant-garde environment and with the best sound system in London; while it has a capacity of up to 5,000 people, who enjoy performances by Adam -Beyer, Paul Kalkbrenner and Loco Dice.
• Bassiani, a nightclub located in Tbilisi, Georgia; where many people gather every Friday night to have a good time. Although it is not a space created specifically for this purpose, it is truly original and DJs like John Talabor, Ben Klock or Laurent Garnier perform.
• Berghain, a nightclub in Germany that selects the people who can enter its facilities; practically intended for techno lovers; where artists such as Oscar Mulero, Ben Klock and Âme, among others, perform.
• Academy LA, a famous nightclub in Los Angeles in the United States, with large LED screens and impressive lighting effects that move to the rhythm of the music; with notable performances by artists such as Fedde Legrand, Kaskade, Benny Benassi and many others.

As you can the best discos and nightclubs, they are characterized by having large, safe, comfortable spaces and within which they play with visual and musical effects; which are accompanied by performances by prominent DJs.

Recommendations for partying at night

If you are an introverted person, but you want to have fun and have a good time; discover these recommendations for going out at night and find new friends who can share your interests; that they serve as company to know a little more about life; between many other things.

Tips for partying at night

When you have enough time at night and you are tired of spending your leisure time at home; Well, you want to meet new people, dance, have some drinks and have a good time, the best thing you can do is party at night.

Of course, you should keep in mind some essential recommendations when it comes to partying, if you really want this experience to be worth it.

In fact, this type of activity is one of the best things for introverts to do; since when participating in a night party, they can listen to their favorite music, in a dimly lit room, where they can dance, taste sandwiches, have a few drinks without exceeding their limit and in the intervals talk with new friends.

Taking all of the above into consideration, we now leave you with a small guide with tips that you should consider before going out to a party at night; take note:

• Don’t go out just to go out; Well, even if you enjoy getting away from the comfort of your home; the satisfaction you achieve will depend on the place you are going to, whose appearance is essential and in fact it is recommended that you take a look beforehand if possible.
• Consider your personal interests when deciding whether to go to a nightclub, pub, music bar, restaurant or private catered event; since the options are varied, but only some of them may be identified with your personal style.
• Take a short nap before your departure; Since the normal thing when going out to a party at night is that you come home late and therefore, you should leave full of energy so that you can last longer without being dominated by sleep.
• Choose comfortable and comfortable clothing, so that you feel comfortable and do not experience discomfort, especially with the type of footwear you wear, which after a few hours, could mistreat your feet and ruin your outing.
• Stay well hydrated and eat some nuts; Since with its contribution of nutrients, it will maintain your energy and will help you regulate alcohol intake during your outing.
• Never abuse the consumption of alcoholic beverages that you are capable of supporting; Take care of your limit and follow your instincts to avoid losing control. When you drink too much, a fun night can turn into an unpleasant moment that you will later regret.
• Avoid taking too many things for your night out; since if the place is several kilometers away and you travel on foot or by public transport; you will be exhausted before you arrive. Select only those items that are strictly necessary.
• Your mobile must always be on and with sufficient charge; in case you should use it to solve any problem; in addition to making sure that you are going to an area with coverage.
• If you do not have your own vehicle; but you go to this party being carried by friends; make sure you know their public transport possibilities, in case you decide to return before them.

There are many recommendations for partying at night and especially if I don’t do them on other occasions; like going in the company of a small group of friends who are close to you and leaving the moment you no longer feel comfortable.

Remember that the goal is for you to have a good time and if you are not achieving it, you may have to change your plans for another time; total, there will always be a new occasion to have fun to your liking.