Top 10 cocktails you must try

Many people feel like consuming classic and author drinks, which represents a whole art; so in this article we offer you a top 10 cocktails that you must try, at least once in your life; which on the other hand are the most popular in the world.

The 10 best-selling cocktails in the world

A cocktail is an alcoholic drink, prepared based on the mixture of different liquors, with juices and other ingredients that give it a pleasant texture and a particular flavor.

They are tasted as an accompaniment to meals or alone; but in general it is a classic drink, which has become an art practiced by professionals such as bartenders and bartenders around the world.

Despite the fact that there is a wide variety of cocktails today; We have been advised through important cocktail bars, in order to create this top; Take note and try these drinks, which will surely be delicious:


A cocktail that was born at the end of the 16th century, after being prepared for the first time by the privateer Sir Francis Drake; under a version that has become a legend, based on the mixture of common brandy with sugar, mint and lemon.


Cocktail that you have surely heard of and that began to be known in the last century; Its origin is Cuban and it is prepared using a white rum as a base to which the juice of a lemon or lime is added.


This is a recipe whose antecedents date back to the year 1934; although something different, since it was made based on lemon, raspberry syrup and gin. While now its components have been changed to vodka, lime and cranberry.

Dry Martini

A classic that does not go out of style; which among other things is full of elegance and is made with gin and a splash of vermouth.

It is usually served in a cocktail glass and accompanied with an olive.

Daisy flower

This drink was born in a typical restaurant that was halfway between the town of Tijuana and Rosarito; as a special drink for his best client, named Ziegfeld Marjorie King; to whom the ingestion of liquors caused an allergy, but not tequila.

For this reason, a cocktail based on tequila, lemon juice and triple sec was devised that was ideal to be served in a glass on whose edge a layer of salt was placed.


International cocktail created at the Manhattan Club in New York City and offered as part of the drinks menu of its best restaurants.
This drink is prepared with rye whiskey plus red vermouth, Angostura and decorated with a maraschino cherry.

Whiskey sour

Originally from Iquique, a town in Chile; where it was created by the English butler Eliott Stubb.

It is prepared using bourbon, sugar, lemon juice and optionally, egg white can be included. These ingredients are shaken in a cocktail shaker and served directly in a glass or over ice; garnished with a nearby maraschino or orange slice.


It is a cocktail of Brazilian origin, prepared based on its alcohol identified as cacha├ža, which gives it a characteristic flavor; slightly bitter, but when mixed with lime juice and sugar; results in a truly exquisite drink.

Pina Colada

Classic cocktail that comes in handy at any event; within which white rum, coconut water and pineapple are masterfully combined.
long Island

A legendary cocktail in the United States; who has been present in series and movies; prepared using a mixture of tequila, gin, vodka, white rum and triple sec; adding a little cold tea or Coca Cola. Which one are you going to try?